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We know when your pet needs veterinary surgery it can be stressful for you. We are proud to have state-of-the-art surgical capabilities and highly trained staff so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in skilled, caring hands. Our Nashville veterinary team is always happy to answer any of your questions about any procedure as well as anesthesia and recovery.

Our clinic offers a wide variety of surgical procedures for pets at an affordable cost, and our surgical suite is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

With the exception of spays and neuters, all pets will need to have a preoperative exam ($68), consultation, and estimate performed prior to scheduling surgery. This service can be provided during our walk-in hours, Monday through Thursday from 9 to 5. No appointment necessary.

If you are interested in scheduling a spay or neuter, please click below:

Procedures performed at the Animal House Surgery Center include:
Price Varies based on species and weight at the time of surgery.


*Surgery estimates listed on this page may not include diagnostics, bloodwork, medications, IV Catheter, or Elizabethan collars. 

*Prices are subject to change at any time. 

Surgery Wellness Package (includes bloodwork, IV Catheter, and Fluids) $150

Plastic Elizabethan Collars $12

Zen Collars $24

“Donut” Collars $42

Have questions about a surgical procedure/ Please give us a call at (615) 834-6441.