Introducing Our Amazing Front Desk Duo: Lucy and Camryn!

Hey there, fur-tastic friends! Join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest additions to the Animal House team, Lucy and Camryn! 🙌🎉

First up, we have Camryn, who comes to Nashville from sunny Florida! 🌴☀️ With three years of experience in the veterinary field, her passion lies in supporting and educating pet owners, ensuring that every decision made is in the best interest of our furry companions. 🐾 Not only does she have two adorable kitty fluff balls named Raisin and Harley, but she also has a majestic Great Dane named Stella who will steal your heart at first sight! ❤️🐶 She’s dedicated, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you all!

And next, we have Lucy, who brings a ray of sunshine with her all the way from Venezuela! ☀️ Fluent in both Spanish and English, Lucy’s infectious smile is guaranteed to brighten up your day! 😄🌈 Her dedication to her work and continuous learning is truly admirable, and she is always eager to go the extra mile for our beloved furry friends. 📚🐾 Lucy shares her home with her silly cat Gordo, and on top of that, she fosters dogs for our local dog rescue, Paws Angel! 🐱🐶💕

We feel incredibly blessed to have such a powerful, kind, and compassionate duo manning our front desk! 🙏❤️ With Lucy and Camryn by our side, we can guarantee that the first steps of your pet’s care and needs will be handled with the utmost love, care, and expertise. 🐾💗

They can’t wait to meet all you amazing pet parents out there and provide you with the exceptional service you and your furry family members deserve! 🐶🐱✨

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